Why MLP?

My Life Pack Personal Organiser open on table

My Life Pack® is the brainchild of Louise Barson, an award-winning professional declutterer and organiser. Louise has a knack of getting ducks in a row sharpish.

Having spent 30 years improving the systems and managing the finances of big businesses, in 2010 she established Silver Concierge, a professional organising service. Over the years she has helped many people and organisations to make the most of their resources, space, time and money. An APDOuk member 2011 to 2016; Louise restores order wherever she goes, whether that’s clearing out a wardrobe, garage, office or a whole house. Louise can also help you vet tradesmen, support elderly relatives who live far away, and take charge of paperwork and filing – no job is too large or too small.
Read some feedback for My Life Pack Personal Organiser and some Silver Concierge testimonials here and Theo Paphitis #SBS profile here.

SBS Winners Badge, front cover and open pages of My Life Pack

The Origins of My Life Pack

Like many people, Louise found herself starting to support her parents and relatives through various illness as they grew older. This meant getting more involved in their daily lives and admin, as well as taking steps to ensure they could continue living independently at home.

Whilst busy juggling her own working life and family, Louise found it useful to have information to hand about her parents and their household information, so that she could manage takes such as admin remotely – a real time and stress saver.

Louise also realised that by having a central resource for personal and household admin, it was easier for other family members to share responsibility, easing the burden on herself. She found that many of her clients shared the same problem – one person often ended up as the family administrator and problem sorter, simply because they had made the first move to help or just happen to live closest.

Supporting the Sandwich Generation

Changing demographics and cultural trends in the UK have led to the emergence of the “sandwich generation” – men and women who are usually in their mid 40s to late 50s.

A few decades ago, people at this stage of life would be able to enjoy more spare time and more disposable income. Instead, many now find themselves looking after ageing relatives, whilst still supporting their own family (which they likely started in their late 20s/early 30s). Many are also heavily engaged with work and/or running their own business.

As the UK population lives longer – sometimes with various health issues – and children leave home later due to the lack of affordable housing, many find themselves responsible for both their parents and children. Their ageing parents are in particular need of support, to keep their affairs in order and remain living at home independently for as long as possible. My Life Pack supports the sandwich generation, making it easier to care for elderly parents and ageing relatives, even if you no longer live near them.

Another fact that often gets overlooked is that currently 1 in 5 people over the age of 50 have no children; by 2030 a quarter of the UK population will be in this position. This growing segment of the population has fewer family members to call upon for support as time goes by, making practical life management solutions all the more essential.

Your Personal Organiser

My Life Pack is a one-stop personal organiser that makes managing personal and household admin simple for you and your family. Whether you’re looking after elderly parents and dependent children, or you’re concerned about getting your affairs in order to make daily life easier as you grow older, this fantastic resource can help.

This 10-chapter manual gives you peace of mind, saves you time and stress, and helps you get organised. For the sandwich generation, it also enables you to share responsibility with other family members. My Life Pack is a central resource that helps you keep Your Life at Your Fingertips. Or, as Eric, a busy family man said ‘My Life Pack personal organiser is like a sat nav for my life.’

Sample pages from persoanl organiser and woman using it
Sample pages from My Life Pack and a copy being referred to.

Louise, Founder of My Life Pack … Your Life at Your Fingertips® – “I realised that I could actually give people a tangible framework for order in their lives. So rather than me doing all the practical stuff myself I could share what I know and give people great tools for getting organised for life or helping family members manage their affairs. It made such a difference in my own daily life and when helping my own parents manage too.”

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