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Using My Life Pack® for yourself or a loved one can bring peace of mind to you and to your relatives, essential when the UK population is ageing and families don’t always live close to each other. If you have your own copy then there is a section where you can record information about your parents’ admin and life management so that you don’t always have to visit their house to get things done for them.
My Life Pack personal organiser covers the 10 main areas of life that need daily management or frequent review. From household data, personal information, managing dependent relatives, children, ageing parents, looking after your pets and vehicles, allowing you to think/review making a will/final wishes and managing aspects of your digital footprint, your working life and getting all your financial matters and practical contacts into a convenient one stop reference manual. My Life Pack personal organiser is on hand to help you manage daily life and admin as well as a tool to help you manage the milestones in your life using the check list feature and additional notes pages. Below are some comments from users of My Life Pack.

“I bought it because I wanted to get all my information together so it’s easier for my family to sort things out for me as I get older. In the meantime I know I’ve got everything in one place – so helpful especially as my memory isn’t what it used to be” Beryl, OAP

We bought a copy for my parents as Dad has been seriously ill. Mum doesn’t use the computer and he has always managed their finances so getting everything down in an orderly, easily accessible fashion has helped Mum and Dad immediately. Also we and other family members will be  able to help them more easily as they age by referring to their copy of My Life Pack to help them manage their lives as they get older. We will also be able to easily provide some of the info from My Life Pack to carers if my parents need this support.” Cathy and Paul

“I know our lives are going to change when the baby comes. We will have less spare time and more responsibilities. I bought a pack as I could see how much time it will save me and it is so convenient having everything in one place. Some of the questions have also helped us think and plan for the bigger events in life too” Sue and Paul, new parents. Here are more testimonials.

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My Life Pack personal organiser provides peace of mind for users from all walks and stages of life


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