Who takes care of the paperwork in your household ?

Person climbing stack of paper

There’s¬†a lot of personal admin and paperwork involved in running your home and your life;¬†regardless of whether you are a home owner or you currently rent. We are curious as to who takes responsibility for¬†the household admin and paperwork across the UK.

  • ¬†Is it a shared responsibility?
  • Or has one person ended up with the paperwork pile and admin?
  • Are you very organised¬†or are there some gaps in your admin¬†and paperwork management?

We have devised a quick and easy 2 minute survey using Survey Monkey.
Just ten easy questions that are mainly answered by a simple tick in a box.
All responses are anonymous.

So how organised are you? Are all your ducks in a row? Or are you herding cats !!
We look forward to your replies and will blog on the general findings later this year.
Ducks in a row, are you organised?


  1. Hello Jo, Thank you for doing our survey and for feedback. I will ask that question in a follow up survey. There will be a blog in due course on picking your most productive filing style.

  2. Just filled in the survey. No where did it ask “how did I file them”…. you should see the “pile” of documents. They haven’t been filed for 3 years!

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