On the missing list!

Duck going against the flow

Apologies for having been on the missing list for a couple of months or so but family illness has required a lot of¬†my attention and so I have had no time to post blogs for you to enjoy. I am hoping that my support duties will come to an end¬†in the next few weeks as my family member recovers¬†and so will get back to¬†sharing my blogs¬†in 2016. So just like everyone else sometimes life intervenes and you can’t¬†juggle everything¬†at once. So soon I will move from¬†feeling like I’m going against the flow to being back in the flow and getting all my ducks¬†in a¬†row again¬†:0)

Duck going with the flowIn the meantime I wish¬†¬†everyone the best for 2016 and if¬†you have any topics that you’d like me to cover on my blog please get in touch either here or by posting¬†comment below.