What do you buy for Christmas for the men in your life?

Collage of older people and family members with My Life Pack

Here is a guest blog from Amy H fromĀ LancashireĀ about buyingĀ a thoughtful Christmas present for an important man in her life.

“Independence is important to anyone of any age, but to the elderly, it offers more than you would think. Being able to keepĀ trackĀ of your finances, insurances and even your will is something that would assure you that, yes, you are still able to go about your daily business, no matter how old you are. At the tender age of 80, my Granddad clings on tightly to being as self-efficient as he can be. Not relying on his children, nor grandchildren to do much for him than record his blood pressure as the doctor ordered. So, this Christmas, Iā€™m going to treat my Granddad to a slice more independence with a copy of My Life PackĀ® personal organiser.

Since retirement, my Grandparents have always shared the responsibilities amongst themselves. Nan takes care of family matters and our ever extending family, whilst Granddad holds the financial responsibility. Traditional in their ways, my partner and I are the complete opposite, safe knowledge that both of us are tracking our incomeĀ and out-goings, not justĀ one of us. It is a bit more of a worry to my grandparents to think that if something happened, everything would fall apart.

Of course, we all would step in to help, but I know where my stubbornness comes from ā€“ Granddad. He would do anything to know he is still independent, no matter what life throws at him. With the 10 areas covered by My Life PackĀ® personal organiser, my Grandparents can keep all their financial information to everyoneā€™s birthdays in one place, safe with the knowledge that they can be as independent no matter how old they grow.Ā  Even the digital footprint section applies as Granddad has learnt to surf the internet and keep up with his hobbies and interests, do the heavy shopping online with his favourite supermarket, although Nan can’t be doing with that internet thingy. By having a copy of Ā My Life PackĀ®, we are also safe in the knowledge that if my Grandparents go on holiday, or are feeling under the weather and need some information finding or some practical help in managing their home, adminĀ and dailyĀ life we all know where to find it for themā€¦ ā€œItā€™s in the Life Pack.ā€ It gives them independence, and us less stress and worry.”