Show us your pets in National Pet Month

Group of Domestic Pets Sitting Together

So what will you be doing to celebrate your pet? During National Pet Month ( 1 April to 4 May 2015 ) why not come and follow us on Twitter or Facebook via our share buttons?  We’d love to see pics and hear about your pets. So please tweet or post a photo and some info about your pet(s) to us. We will include our favourite response/photo from either site on this blog page each week during National Pet Month so check back to see if we have featured your pet.

We will start the ball rolling¬†with Saffy. She¬†had decided that the back of my friend’s horse Murphy was the best place to settle down for a rest. He got on with eating his haynet.Saffy the cat sat on the back of Murhpy the horse

We look forward to seeing the special characters in your life and hearing what they get up to.
Check out Section 7 of My Life Pack¬ģ on managing¬†pets.