With My Life Pack®, it couldn’t be simpler. My Life Pack is a one stop life personal organiser manual with all your life management data at your fingertips. A stress-busting time-saver you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! If you wish to purchase a copy of My Life Pack personal organiser just click the Buy Now button on the top banner or at the foot of any page of this website and it will take you to a screen where you can order your copy and pay via PayPal.

My Life Pack Personal Organiser £ 49.95 including 1st class recorded delivery and packaging to mainland UK. Other areas please contact us. Click here for T’s & C’s


My Life Pack front cover and view of internal page
My Life Pack front cover and view of internal page
My Life Pack features:
  • – A4 personal life organiser, incl. plenty of space for updates
    – Additional pages for notes/personalisation
    – Check list columns in each section for managing changes in your life
    – Nifty plastic pouch and 2 pre-printed envelopes for key data
    – 10 life areas covered


My Life Pack benefits:

  • No more rummaging through endless document files or storage folders or rooting through a paperwork mountain.
  • No more scrolling through information you have stored across various gadgets and computers or being concerned or frustrated about access if gadgets break, get stolen or there is no connection.
  • No more worrying who’ll take care of your family or dependents daily admin and paperwork if you can’t always be on hand.
  • Peace of mind that ageing parents or relatives affairs are in order as well as your own.
  • No more drifting through life in a sea of chaos as our practical personal organiser is a handy one stop tool to help you get organised for life.
  • And for already organised people then My Life Pack offers you a way of being even more organised and a way of delegating home administration, paperwork and finance responsibilities across family members (and sections of My Life Pack with legal bodies and care agencies where appropriate)

Especially when juggling work and family life, having crucial numbers, contacts and records to hand enables you to see the big picture without losing sight of small details which matter most. And when life’s milestones happen – moving house, getting married or a loved one’s death – your extensive checklist will support you through the journey. All instantly available at just the flick of a page.

My Life Pack personal organiser is for managing life and not just for a year like other organisers you might have seen as there is plenty of room to record initial information, add updates and with spare notes pages at the end of each of the 10 sections so users can tailor their copy even further. Customers buy My Life Pack personal organiser to get themselves organised for life, save time, stress and money and gain peace of mind. Some also buy a copy to help their ageing parents manage their affairs more easily. Third sector agencies such as charities, health bodies and care companies find My Life Pack personal organiser a useful tool for helping their clients manage their daily lives and the milestone events too.

NB video not yet available but will be uploaded soon so do check back.

My Life Pack personal organiser as a thoughtful gift.

People buy My Life Pack Personal Organiser for themselves but also as a thoughtful gift for all sorts of occasions and people in their life including:

  • Birthday present               House warming gift                      Retirement gift
  • Wedding present              Baby shower gift                            Thank you present
  • Christmas present            Father’s Day gift                            Mother’s Day present

Our practical one stop solution to getting organised for life is My Life Pack … Your Life at Your Fingertips.  Customers buy it to get themselves organised for life whether they are starting out in their first home right through to retirement, whether they live alone or are in a relationship, whether they have had children or not. Other people buy a copy to help their ageing parents to get their affairs in order. Their parents can continue to manage their own daily lives, paperwork and household admin and then when they need support, family members and cares can refer to the information contained in My Life Pack instead of rooting through lots of paper information. My Life Pack can help to make it easier for ageing parents to remain independent at home.

But for all users My Life Pack personal organiser can help them get their paperwork and admin in order save them time, stress, money and bring peace of mind knowing that they have their life at their fingertips for daily life as well as to help manage life’s milestone events. My Life Pack personal organiser can be purchased from this website by clicking the buy now buttons at the top or foot of any page.