Jasmine Sleigh, APDOuk member, reviews My Life Pack personal organiser

Jasmine Sleigh, reviewer of My Life Pack Personal Organiser

Jasmine Sleigh is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers UK (APDOuk) and runs Change Your Space in the South West of England. We were delighted to receive her review of My Life Pack® personal organiser.

“I recently assisted my in-laws to move house after some 40 years in their home. What struck me was that as time goes on there is more paperwork to keep track of. Most of us want to put our hand on the key documentation that go with our lives just when there is any change of circumstances and that is when we realise we are not sure where it all is. I do not mean that we are not organised, though some of us would confess to having a filing system that no one else could fathom, but that we run our lives experientially without the need of paperwork to pave the way and so this return to finding “evidence” of what we all accept to be true – our assets, liabilities, and guarantees – seems alien.

To the rescue comes My Life Pack … Your Life at Your Fingertips® personal organiser. Created by Louise Barson, it is hard to imagine a more comprehensive source to organise all that documentation that is vital to us in times of change as well as in daily life. My Life Pack® not only gives you the hanger to put all this key information so you can feel secure and confident on the paperwork front, but it allows you to identify any gaps prior to being on a tight timescale to provide it. The other benefits of the My Life Pack Personal Organiser are the saving of time and stress when you are juggling aspects of your daily life … as everything you need is quickly to hand at your fingertips instead of buried in your paperwork files.

There will be some sections that are not as relevant to us all. e.g. not everyone has a pet. But there are others that will have us all thinking. I work with many families at a stage of flux in their lives when they need to review their homes; moving house, bereavement, divorce, a new baby, or children leaving home and the common thread is that they need to focus on the experience not deciphering documentation.

My Life Pack front cover and page shot
My Life Pack personal organiser front cover and page shot

Each page of this personal organiser has a handy tick list down the side which proves invaluable when you have to go through notifying lots of service providers and individuals when moving house, dealing with probate or changing your name in getting married. There is also plenty of space for making notes and spare pages to adapt the My Life Pack personal organiser to reflect your specific lifestyle. e.g. you might like to include information on hobbies in your copy.

One of the key aspects for me is retirement and end of life planning. Too many people in the UK still do not have even a simple will and this often causes unexpected difficulties for their loved ones. This personal organiser allows us to even start thinking about how we want things to be and gain control over our lives and our passing. This gives such reassurance to families and individuals and is an important hurdle to get over.

My Life Pack personal organiser gives you that reassurance that you have all the “evidence” of your life safely stowed and so your life  would be at your fingertips with all the convenience and peace of mind that brings. Allowing you to get on with the real adventure which is living life to the full and embracing every opportunity.”

Need some tips on decluttering ? If you would like to receive a copy of Jasmine Sleigh ‘s free “Getting Organised” resource please email Jasmine jasmineATchangeyourspace.co.uk


  1. Having had more of a look around this website I like the idea of having my life at my fingertips. Especially as I’m spending more time these days looking after my parents and helping them manage their home and affairs.

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