Older People’s Day UK Oct 1st 2015

UK Older People’s Day is on 1st October every year to coincide with the UN International Day of Older Persons. The main aim for the day is to be a celebration of the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society and the economy. Older People’s Day supports the campaign to challenge negative attitudes and outdated stereotypes. The celebrations and activities also promote healthy life styles, give opportunities to combat loneliness, encourage volunteering and sharing skills with different generations. After all nearly everyone is an Older Person to someone! I thought I’d share a few facts and links with you to check out regardless of your current age.

The good news is we’re living longer… at least we hope that’s good news!

Stats on ageing population
Over 55? Check out The Age of No Retirement website http://www.ageofnoretirement.org/
Quote “Because an ageing society will doubtless bring challenges. Let’s not look back and wish we’d looked forward. The future starts today, not tomorrow. So we need action right now. Not just talking. Action.

Our goal is simple. An age-neutral, multigenerational world. How do we get there? By working together. Business, government, the media, citizens — old and young. To change the ageing narrative. From ageism and negative decline to optimistic potential. Age is not a problem. It’s a vital asset for our collective financial and emotional wealth.

The Age of No Retirement is an innovation and inspiration platform designed to move this agenda forward. We are about ambition, entrepreneurial spirit and results. We collaborate, we co-design, we share positive stories and we consult.”

Check out their list of UK wide projects that are up and running and that people of all ages can get involved in to work towards The Age of No Retirement goal of an age-neutral, multigenerational society. I know that one of the  popular projects concerns creating new icons to describe and illustrate older people – that road sign of a stooped person or couple with a walking stick applies to far fewer older people in today’s society.
Current Old People Crossing SignAlso the media tend to address anyone over the age of 55 to 100+ as one group rather than the several generations that age range actually covers. I’m  just into that age group and lots of advertising supposedly aimed at me and my cohort actually has the opposite effect. We don’t bother with companies that obviously don’t understand our very active lifestyles.

Social media coverage of #olderpeoplesday :-  There have been lots of stories and facts shared on social media today using the hashtags #olderpeoplesday and #FullofLife so do pop by and have a look online. You’ll be able to review the hashtag posts even if you read this blog after the day is over. I’ll leave you with a couple of stats I found in a report from McCarthy and Stone from the survey they conducted “ Ageless Perception” Peoples Perceptions of ageing
Stats on older pople's use of the internetYou can read the full infographic here on thoughts on life of older people here  They may give some youngsters food for thought!
Do you have any bug bears about how the over 55’s are portrayed in society or in the media?
Do you have any good ideas for a new sign to indicate older people?