My Life Pack¬ģ gets organised on Micro Business Matters Day

9xTable Social Media workshop

Lots of different people find their copy of My Life Pack¬ģ¬†helps them¬†save time, money and stress whilst getting their daily life organised including business owners who are juggling family and business life. Louise, the author of My Life Pack, also helps small business owners get organised and looks ahead to working¬†on raising¬†their profile. How? With 9xTable proactive marketing sessions which she thought of as a contribution towards¬†the¬†first National Micro Business Matters Day, #MBMD on 9th January 2015.¬† This¬†international event is the product of a lot of hard work by Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden of Enterprise Rockers.¬†9xTable¬†sessions can be held anywhere with 2 to 9 participants plus the host who also acts as time keeper. 9xTable¬†will be launched on¬†National Micro Business Matters Day, #MBMD on 9 January 2015 and will be held on the first Friday¬†each January thereafter.