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My Life Pack allows you to consider this often difficult topic in an easy manner as it is just one of the 10 sections included in the manual. With a clear outline to guide you through the process you can get yourself organised for life. As we all live longer we owe it to ourselves and our families and friends to have our affairs in order by having a Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney in place for ourselves.
You can also use this section of our manual to help your relatives or friends at an emotional time as this section gives all the information needed to make necessary arrangements. We have found it invaluable in helping our family and friends and clients to manage their daily lives and get their affairs in order. Allowing everyone time to get on and concentrate on enjoying life as the decisions and any discussions relating to the future have taken place; providing peace of mind. Do drop by and read our blog posts with hints, tips and information about getting your affairs in order, paperwork and managing your finances.

Sample page from Section 10 and users

10a Wills
Here you can record practical information on where your will is being kept and who you’ve nominated as the executor(s) of your estate. My Life Pack personal organiser often prompts users to take action on making a will for themselves, something that most people intend to do but postpone for all sorts of reasons until it is too late.  With changes in house prices and demographics more people in the UK have assets to pass onto loved ones than ever before.  There are many misconceptions about relationships and inheritance and a will is the only way to be sure that your wishes are known.

10b Funeral Planning
Funeral arrangements are very personal and should be carefully planned, as it is a celebration of your life. Although not a topic we like to think about, this section guides your family in making arrangements with your blessing. By indicating your wishes, you are helping your family members to make the right decisions at a difficult time. You can also use this section to help loved ones think about and make their own plans and make a record of them.

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