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Manage your finances more efficiently by using this section of My Life Pack. It helps you to get more organised by listing your assets and liabilities with the suppliers and providers names, contact details and reference numbers. A recent survey indicated that people spend approximately 15 minutes a day looking for this sort of information to manage their daily life. So much handier to have it at your fingertips in a one stop reference manual  You can keep track and more easily review all your direct debits and standing orders.
Do drop by and read our blog with hints, tips and information about managing all aspects of daily life and the milestone events to save you time, stress and money. We’d love to hear your top money saving tips so please use the comments section on our blog.
Sample finance pages from My Life PAck and couple bugeting money
Because controlling your finances is essential, we’ve split the Financial Management section of My Life Pack into three parts:

4a Finance – Assets

Record everything you own such as bank accounts, building society accounts, individual savings accounts (ISA), government bonds, premium bonds, endowment policies, insurance policies, shares, trusts, offshore accounts, overseas accounts, and any other assets you may have. Property information is recorded in Section 2 Practical information which is all the information required to manage your accommodation.

4b Finance– Children’s Assets

Here you can keep a record of all finances related information for your children. This will include items from the list above.

4c Finances – Liabilities

Stay on top of your outgoings by recording information on expenditures such as utilities, service providers, credit cards / store cards, loans, personal/private debts and HP.


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