Ageing Parents and Dependents

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This section of My Life Pack is to record personal and practical data about any children and dependents you are responsible for – one of the ways that My Life Pack becomes a handy quick reference manual for daily life.

With an aging population many more people are looking after elderly relatives and parents and helping them manage their daily lives. Also 3rd sector agencies, charities and carers may need to be involved in managing their daily life and care. It’s so useful to have key information easily available and convenient to have it to hand so that you can make some arrangements from your own home instead of always having to travel to the people you are assisting or for carers to assist individuals to stay living independently at home.

5a Children

This section includes questions on medical contact information, education and activities and notes on guardians or their daily routines if you are unavailable for any reason. NB Children’s Assets are included in the Finance section 4b
Do drop by and read our blog posts containing hints, tips and information about managing family life.

Group of different families together

5b Ageing Parents/Dependents

If you are responsible or help with ageing parents or relatives administration then Section 5b will assist you.
It includes questions on medical contact information, activities, personal and practical information any external care agencies and their key contacts.  If you help with their finances we suggest using the spare column/amendment sheets included in Section 4a Assets and 4b Liabilities.  If their affairs are complex or more extensive; you or they; may consider completing a separate copy of My Life Pack so that they have their lives at their fingertips.
Do drop by and read our blog posts containing hints, tips and information about helping your ageing parents and relatives manage their affairs, finances and daily life.

Ageing parents - older people using My Life Pack

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