Meet Saffy – National Pets Month

Saffy the cat sat on the back of Murhpy the horse

Saffy is a lovely black and white cat who now resides at the stable yard. Her previous owners weren’t able to look after her anymore after she had kittens. So we decided to have Saffy spayed and we took her in. She’s made friends with the peacocks and is happy around the horses as you can see. We are not sure that the mice are too happy about Saffy being around though. We no longer see them in the feed store!

We also found this video of goats and a pony online that you might like – a different way to groom your horse !

We’re passionate about our pets at My Life Pack® which is why we created Section 7 – Pets. This time saving segment covers all your pet practicalities, where you can record their vaccinations, insurance details and daily routines. You can even record and organise pet-sitting arrangements for when you’re away from home. Section 7 provides the ultimate tool to help you maintain responsible and up-to-date pet ownership. Here is a quote from Richard who has a copy of My Life Pack “All our pets likes/dislikes, insurance and annual jabs info is conveniently to hand for pet care when we’re away from home.”

Click here to read our National Pet Months blog on submitting your photos and info on your pets to us between 1st April and 4 May 2015