Managing your money – Regroup, Recoup and Refocus

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Since the recession hit in 2008 a lot of people decided to have more than one bank account as they felt that this spread the risk given the uncertainty or their feelings about the banking sector. There are lots of other types of savings to think about and to manage. Then there are all the utilities and outgoings needed to manage your home. Many people have chosen paperless billing or online accounts as they get better deals this way. But then you can spend a lot of time logging onto the company websites to access the information about your account or to get even a phone number if you have a query.
Yes, we know it can be a hassle. but changing supplier for services such as gas, electricity, insurance and telephone is definitely where most of us can save money. Loyalty to many of these service providers is rarely rewarded with lower bills as the best deals are offered to new customers. Here is a useful article written by Lauren Leisk on the Moneyhound website: ā€œRegroup, Recoup and Refocus – donā€™t let your monthly bills get the better of you.”

Sample finance pages from My Life Pack and couple budgeting money
Sample finance pages from My Life Pack and couple budgeting money

People find section 4 of My Life PackĀ® personal organiserĀ so handy for reviewing all their finances at a glance and the convenience of recording the contact numbers addresses and reference numbers so that you can contact the companies and organisations that you deal with at the flick of a page. So quick and so convenient. A real time saverĀ that also helps you saveĀ money too! My Life Pack personal organiser is just the thing to help you manage your paperwork and admin and manage your life so we hope you like reading our hints and tips on saving time, money and stress. What is your favourite saving money tip? Please add it to the comments below.