Making chores fun for children 8 and under

Parents and children having fun cooking together

Whether you are a stay at home mum or dad or whether you’ve been working all day; the last thing you need is to be totally responsible for everything when managing the household. You do deserve some ‘me’ time every now and again. It is hard trying to balance keeping your children entertained and keeping house, so why not mix the two? Getting your children involved with the house work can save you time and teach your child about responsibilities. Here are some ideas on how to get your young ones helping around the house.

Six ideas for chores for younger children.

  1. Simpler tasks such as water the plants, dusting or taking sheets off the bed are always a great way to get the children involved.
  2. Turn chores into a game. Creating a ‘chore out of the hat’ or a ‘spin the chore’ for your child to choose from. If you have more than one child, turn the game into a race to who can do the particular chore the fastest.
  3. Sticker charts are also a great way to motivate your child to get involved with the chores with each week ending in a reward. By collecting so many stickers for completing every chore, your child will have the motivation to get to the prize.
  4. Pocket money is also a great way to keep your child motivated – even at the ages of 8 and under. They may want to save their money for a new colouring book or a toy. There are differing opinions on whether children should be paid for doing specific chores.
  5. Baking may not sound like a chore, but it is a great way to get them involved with helping in the kitchen later on in life. Even by baking simple biscuits or cakes for the family desserts, your children will love to get involved.
  6. Have some baskets with the family member’s name on or allocate a colour to each person. Before bedtime get them to pop their possessions in their basket and then take them and put them away in the right place – an easy way to keep the house clutter free. If you find things left around the house at other times pop them in the basket and ask the children to put them away when they are home. Younger children will need a hand but you can turn it into a game e.g. how quickly can they gather up their toys, or count their toys as they tidy them away. A great and easy way for them to learn to declutter.

If you’ve got any tips on how to get your children involved with chores around the house, get in touch with Louise by email or on Twitter or Facebook We’d love to hear from you.


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