Have you got your ducks in a row? Take our quick easy survey

Ducks in a row, are you organised?

Have you got your ducks in a row? It’s the start of another year when people’s thoughts often turn to getting more organised and decluttering to save themselves time, stress and money. So we have started gathering some feedback into how people manage their household admin and paperwork. We have put together a short survey using the very trustworthy SurveyMonkey tool and it’s mostly a tick box exercise so quick and easy to complete.

Our survey is looking for insights into how people manage their paperwork at home and who is responsible for dealing with the household admin and paperwork. It just takes 2 minutes to do and we appreciate your feedback. So have you got all your #DucksInARow?

Update 18 March 2015: from 503 replies so far we have some interesting feedback from our survey that we will share in our blogs in due course as to who tends to be responsible for the household admin and the large percentage of people who know they should make a will but keep putting it off. Plus some lovely comments on what you consider to be the most important piece of paperwork you possess. So please keep your replies coming in we have been challenged to get 1000 replies to our survey and every one counts :0)