Eliminate your paperwork piles: Tip 2

Person climbing paperwork mountain

Next in our short manage your paperwork blogs is Tip 2: Take Action!

Once you’re aware of what the next steps might be then organise your paperwork pile using verbs as calls to action. You might label your tabs with actions such as:

  • Call
  • Write
  • Review
  • Decide
  • File

It’s ok to mix and match various projects and topics in the folders, as long as they share a common verb. So you are creating an action system. These systems come in a number of different forms, which can help you to stay organised and productive. One way is to label file folders with each verb and keep your paperwork in those file folders on your desk or in a vertical file holder – whichever you prefer. We recommend the graduated kind of filing so that you can see all the file tabs at a glance.

Setting up an action system is a great way to keep things looking organised and tidy, but it’s important to remember to get stuck in and open those folders – you must take action to get the full benefit! By taking action by category, you will eliminate the need to multi-task, and thereby save time and increase your concentration and productivity. If it’s possible, it’s best to empty each folder in one sitting. Once you have done the action for the paperwork folder, ask yourself “What’s the next action required?” and process accordingly. That way each time you come to do your paperwork you’ll be more effective as you can get going straight away.

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