Born Organiser of the Month Award 2016

Paperwork declutter before and after

My Life Pack® personal organiser is on hand to help people get their ducks in a row. In 2016 we are looking for the UK’s Born Organisers who use social media and have also started asking this question on Twitter and Facebook. You can either tell us about yourself or nominate someone you know. We want to hear what it is that makes you or your nominee a born organiser. together with a photo of what being organised looks like for you. We will pick one person a month and include them here our website and Facebook page and tweet about them. They will receive a My Life Pack Born Organiser of the Month Certificate and a chance to appear in a blog on this site sharing some insights into their favourite organising tips and a little about their family,  work or business life if they wish.

Toy storage units in dining room from Mel
Toy storage units in dining area from Mel

Whether you are nominating yourself or someone else for Born Organiser of the Month please tell us by sending Louise a tweet at @mylifepack or a Facebook post including #BornOrganiser or email louise(AT)

Garage before and after decluttering
Garage before and after decluttering


Not a born organiser but aspire being one?

We’d love to hear from you too! What stops you from being organised? Is it a habit? Your surroundings? Your work/life balance? Or something else? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook using the links above. We will be posting hints and tips on our blog and our experience as an APDOuk member (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers UK) with ideas on how to overcome various organising challenges. So please let us know what gets in your way and we’ll do our best to suggest some solutions.


  1. I love the idea of this program! What a wonderful way to both promote people in this industry, as well as spread their unique advice.

    I’m looking forward to seeing who wins this time. Dee had some amazing wisdom that everyone should take to heart!

    1. se puede hacer ley pierri con una cesion de un boleto de compraventa, ahoravos no tenes ninguna propiedad a tu nombre?ley pierri es solo para personas sin bienes a su nombretiene un tope fiscal de acuerdo a cada mucseipio.i.atentamnnte

    2. (csütörtök) "Nem védem a mundér becsületét!" – (ill. még a pécsiek közül sem sokan tudják ?) – volt/van valamilyen "rendelet" a pécsi házak "színeirÅ‘l" !- értsd : felújítás után milyen színek az engedélyezettek /javasoltak !- ne vitassam !

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