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26 Jan 2015:10 Top Tips to use time wisely at home

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10 top tips to use time on household chores

Toa of PoohThere is never enough time in the day. Many of us feel we’re operating on a 25/8 schedule, juggling work with home with added bits in between. So, how can you win some time back into your day at home? We’ve got some answers.

  1. Smart meals: Plan your weekly meals before your grocery shop so you’re not spending time deciding what to have when you get in from work. This means that you can also prep as much food as possible on the weekends to save time during the week and money on last minute takeaways.
  2. Shop online: Save yourself an hour or so pushing a trolley around the supermarket by shopping online. This cuts down on both time and money from preventing you to impulse buy. You can also get your shopping delivered at a convenient time for you – hello free weekends!
  3. Divide up the chores: A problem shared is a problem halved so why not half the chores? By dividing up tasks between you and your housemate/other half, you can both have some extra free time knowing that all bases are covered.
  4. One at a time: Free up some time by streamlining cleaning by sticking to one room at a time. If you have children it may also be useful to give them chores to keep their own rooms tidy followed by a reward system.
  5. Online banking: Make life easier by setting up a standing order to pay your bills. Set up within 5 minutes, you will never have to queue in the post office to pay a bill again.
  6. Laundry loads: Wash a load a day to prevent a build-up on the weekends.
  7. Time to talk: Put aside so much time for all your personal calls to be done. It is way too easy to get talking for hours to end up getting behind your to-do list. Keep the conversations to the limited time and you’ll win back at least an hour.
  8. Casual browsing: Set a limit to how long you can browse on your computer, or play on the games console.
  9. Running errands: Make a list of errands which need to be ran and try to combat them all on one day. Having one day to complete the list frees up masses of time from other days you would have squeezed them into.
  10. Personal time: Always allow for date night with your spour or partner or a family night in with your friends or the kids. We work to live, not live to work!

Got any more tips on how to save time at home? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook or email them to Louise and se will add her favourite to the blog entry.

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22 Jan 2015: #DucksinaRow Household Survey

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ducks in a row defined

Have you got your ducks in a row?

It's the start of another year when people's thoughts often turn to getting more organised and decluttering to save themselves time, stress and money. So we have started gathering some feedback into how people manage their household admin and paperwork.

We have put together an easy and quick to answer survey using the very trustworthy SurveyMonkey tool.
The survey is looking for insights into how people manage their paperwork at home and who is responsible for dealing with the household admin and paperwork. It just takes 2 minutes to do and we appreciate your feedback. So have you got all your #DucksInARow?

We are offering a PRIZE to one lucky respondent who completes our survey by 6th February 2015

Here are the 4 luxury chocolate items that make up our prize. We have selected them from the lovely range that Drop Dead Chocolates supplies and the winner will be picked on 7th February 2015. So if they reply quickly to the winner notifcation we can even get their prize to them in time for Valentine's Day as a treat for themselves or to share with the person they love. So complete our quick and easy survey by 6th February 2015 for your chance to win this lovely gift. Good Luck!


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19 Jan 2015: 10 Incredibly Smart Ideas To Get Your Life Organised In 2015

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10 Incredibly Smart Ideas To Get Your Life Organised In 2015

I found this blog from Sharon Greenthal on HuffPost50 and thought you'd like some of these handy tips. I am a member of APDOUK myself and so you can see why I would recommend some of these myself.  I particularly like number 1 as that is advice I have often shared with clients and of course I am bound to recommend a family information centre of some description as it aligns with the My Life Pack Personal Organiser. It's good to have another professional organiser recommending the usefulness of having one. Here are the first 5 tips from Sharon's article:

1. Organize for 15 minutes each day. This could mean anything from sorting mail to throwing out mystery foods in the refrigerator. Just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference over time.

2. Download Quicken (or some other money management program). Quicken will make your financial life a million times easier to manage. It costs around $50, but its well worth the investment. From Quicken you can pay bills, download transactions from banks and credit card accounts, plan, budget and see what you are spending and what your overall financial picture looks like.

3. Make a simple sorting system for your papers. It's as easy as this:

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12 Jan 2015: How to get your teenager give you a helping hand around the house

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How to get your teenager give you a helping hand around the house.

The media often paints the picture of lazy teenagers glued to TV and PC screens. It’s nothing new to us that teenagers would do anything to get out of doing chores or helping around the home, but how can you encourage your teen to have a little responsibility at home? Nagging doesn’t work, so you just end up doing it yourself, a familiar cycle. Here are some tips on ways to get your teenage children to take more responsibility and give a helping hand at home.

boys laundryStart them off as you mean to go on by giving them small responsibilities. By the age of ten, you should expect your child to be able to:

  1. Make their bed
  2. Take care of their pet (Changing the cage, bedding, tank, etc.)
  3. Make simple meals, like toast, scrambled eggs or sandwiches and clean up after themselves.
  4. Put out the rubbish or recycling.
  5. Put their dirty laundry in the washing basket and put their own clothes away after they have been ironed
  6. Tidy their own room – of cups, glasses and have a floor not a floordrobe!

The older your children become the more you should expect them to help out and they should understand this too. Explain that everyone has chores to do, including you, but you aren’t responsible for everything.

  1. Set deadlines and time limits. This will make them learn that keeping to schedule is important. If they don’t stick to the deadline think of some sort of consequence – eg less time with gadgets or on social media perhaps.
  2. Have a family chore time. Everyone can tackle some of their chores in this time, so that parents and children work together in the home they share.
  3. Older teenagers can get involved in learning how to make family meals. This will give them a bank of recipes for when they become independent when they move out to university or when they get their own home.
  4. With the aid of a My Life Pack®, when your children are old enough to own their own bank account, Section 4b: Children’s Assets can help them become more financially sound. Learning the importance of managing their money now will help them throughout their life.

Have you got any more tips on how to get your teenager to help around the house? Please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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16 Dec 2014: Things people say about My Life Pack

Category: Personal Organiser

Reviews and feedback for My Life Pack Personal Organiser

It's always lovely to get feedback from customers who have bought a copy of our personal organiser either for themselves or for a gift for a loved one or a friend.
This year we were also delighted to receive our first review from a top blogger! The lovely lady in question is writer, business owner and mum of six, Fiona Cambouropoulos; who certainly knows what is needed to juggle all aspects of family and business life. Fiona’s blogging brilliance reached new heights in 2013, when her blog, Coombe Mill, made number 3 in the Top 20 Parent Blogs of 2013 on Tots 100. Here are some of Fiona’s thoughts on My Life Pack and you can choose to read the full review on Fiona's blog

“This is a book that you fill in to make your own reference centre with all the important things in your life. It is huge and leaves no stone uncovered.” “Sit back in the knowledge that never again will you wonder what a password is, when those important birthdays are or who and where the details of your will are held should anything untoward happen.” “This is the perfect way to feel you are really de-cluttering your life with an easy way to manage your finances, your home, your family and your work all in one comprehensive book.”

Filling out My Life Pack

“A Perfect Present”

“My Life Pack would make a thoughtful and imaginative yet practical present for a special occasion. A wedding, anniversary, house move, baby shower for friends or family or a retirement present strike me as excellent opportunities.”

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5 Dec 2014: Ideas for Family Xmas Party Games

Categories: Holiday , MLP Tips , Parents , Household

How are you planning to occupy your children and guests over the festive break?

Family at XmasThe Christmas and New Year holidays are such a busy time with family and friends gathering together. But if the weather isn't great then getting out for a walk and some fresh air might not be an option. You might want to get people away from the TV and their gadgets too - not always the easiest of tasks. We found that the website Reindeerland. They have a wide range of Christmas themed resources for you to pick from so you might like to take a look at them here.
They also have many ideas for games to play at Christmas parties and have divided their vast collection of games into various sections so that you can easily locate the types of free Christmas games which will best suit your requirements and the age ranges of the people who will play them. You can choose from their complete selection via their christmas games page.
So you won't be short of ideas of how to keep children and adults occupied throughout the holidays. If you click on the link above you'll go though to the page where you can read the instructions for each suggestion. I remember what fun we had as kids playing a number of these games at family parties and many became family favourites that all ages could enjoy. Which games does your family enjoy playing together?


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1 Dec 2014: Grab your 9xTable Briefing Document here

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A 9xTable session is a simple, effective way to kick off your marketing in 2015
Digital marketing 9xTableAre you already using social media platforms to share information about your business?
Are you a micro business i.e. your business is you and between 0 to 9 employees anywhere in the UK?
Do you want to get off to a flying start in 2015?

Yes to all 3? Then you can make good use of our idea for proactive digital marketing sessions called 9xTable yourself. Or  if you are a larger business (i.e. 10 or more employees) you could help your micro business contacts to do so. Here is the access to the briefing document on "How to run and benefit from a 9xTable session"

Overview of a 9xTABLE session
I've made it flexible so that you can host a session around your kitchen table or your office desk or at a venue if you wish. You need your laptop or tablet and your pre-prepared social media marketing messages that you would like more people to see. And work with between 3 and 9 other micro businesses proactively sharing your marketing material for 9 minutes across various social media platforms. You repeat the 9 minute rounds for the number of people sat around your 9xTable. Thus increasing your reach and improving your KPI's. You can charge for your sessions or not. It's your choice.
I just provide you with the "How to" briefing and a free social media marketing template if you let me know where you session is taking place by listing it on Eventbrite. If I know where you are I may be able to get you some additional publicity for your business. The flexibility of the timing of the sessions and numbers is to help micro business owners as they are juggling business and family life and often the only person or the key person in their business.
Why have I called the sessions 9xTable? On Micro Business Matters Day people are being requested to spend 9 minutes promoting micro businesses. My idea gets micro businesses helping each other for 9 minutes per round whilst helping raise their own profile at the same time.

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25 Nov 2014: Festive Ideas To Occupy The Kids

Categories: Present , MLP Tips , Parents , Gift , Household

Xmas ideasHere are three ideas from Sainsbury website and a lovely way for keeping the children occupied coming up to the festive season. Recipies for making cookie dough tree decorations and for making chocolate gifts plus making a wreath or table decorations from things found on a winter walk.
Have fun:0)

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19 Nov 2014:7 benefits of taking part in a 9xTable

Categories: Business , Working Life , MLP Tips

My idea of 9xTABLE© is intended to

9xTable1 help micro businesses help themselves to raise their own social media profile across various platforms
2 and at the same time raise the profile of other micro businesses in their area. 
3 plus participants will have spent some time thinking about what marketing messages they wanted to share - - and what KPI's to increase in 2015 in preparation for the day ( So plan, take action and measure results)
Through my 9xTable idea I can facilitate micro business participation in promoting themselves 
4 by providing them with free guidelines of what is a 9xTABLE© is 
5 show them what they need to do to take part
6 plus provide a FREE marketing template to facilitate preparation of marketing messages (in this workbook)
7 Take advantage of the growing social media and tradtional media attention for Micro Business Matters Day 9 Jan 2015

9xTABLE© is a 2 hour business growth meeting 9 Jan 2015 where you meet around a table with other micro business owners BUT

1 the activity during the meeting is mainly online.
2 it is focussed on you proactively having your own business marketed and
3 whilst you are doing the same for the other participants.
4 It's a meeting where you get action there and then during the meeting and
5 you can measure the impact of the activity as well - depending on which KPI's you are measuring for your business
6 where you follow the guidelines on what activities to do so that you and the micro businesses that have gathered to support each other so that all benefit.
7 you learn more about the micro business owners around the table, and thier businesses and you all become "walking business cards" for each other
A 9xTable can happen anywhere you want or use technology it's up to you.
Some more tech savvy people may be hosting their 9xTable as a Google hangout or Skype meeting rather than working round a kitchen or office table.
Some people might find a free venue in their area where a bigger business is showing support for microbusinesses providing the facilities.
It's up to you where you hold your 9xTable or what time you hold it as long as its on the 9th January 2015.
So you might be able to join in one near you or best still chose to host your own and invite your micro business contacts.  

As I am a microbusiness myself I cannot organise your 9xTable for you only the ones where I act as host. But I do provide you
- with a place to communicate what you are doing  so you can find other micro businesses in your area if you wish to AND
- I send you the tools to apply yourself to take part in a 9xTABLE© in your area with my The How to" and marketing template that I will email FREE to interested parties.

I do get satisfaction when I can find a way of delivering win:win solutions and collaborations. Dont forget to come and follow me on Twitter and Facebook and check out my website link so that you can find out updates before the event. And if you arrange a 9xTable or get invited to one tweet me or facebook me the locations. Sessions that are already setting up to go live on 9th Jan are in these post code areas  so far 9xT SK5, 9xT M50, 9xT SK3, 9xT GL23, and the news is just getting out about this idea.
I look forward to connecting with you on social media and getting micro businesses more visibility on Micro Business Matters Day

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19 Nov 2014: 9xTable Raise Your Business Profile on #MBMD 9 Jan 2015

Categories: Business , Working Life , MLP Tips

Micro Business Matters Day is on 9th Jan 2015

Attend a 9xTable proactive session for YOUR opportunity to promote info about YOUR micro business! 

January 9th is the first, annual #MicroBizMattersDay of actions. Everyone is asked to give 9 minutes, day or night, to make life better for micro enterprise (0-9 employees) owners everywhere. You can read more about the day and its’ creators Tony Robinson OBE (@TonyRobinsonOBE) and Tina Boden (@MicroBizGirl) here. I am a micro business owner myself and my services and products get people organised for life and I also love helping get people organised for business. Having read about #MicroBizMattersDay I came up with an idea that will help micro businesses help themselves and get seen by a wider audience and I'd like you to pick up this idea and run with it for your own businesses in your area. I've made it easy to take part; as I will send you the format and template for FREE

9xTable logo1I have called my idea 9xTABLE©

9xTable is where micro businesses; including one acting as a host; meet around a table on the 9th January 2015. They all spend 9 minutes on each business sat at the table carrying out practical social media marketing activity or performing actions that will help achieve business KPI’s. And using the digital marketing material that each business has pre-prepared for their business. I suggest 3 businesses to a maximum of ten people including the host sit around each 9xTable.
Please follow me on twitter at @mylifepack and on My Life Pack Facebook page to find news and updates
about 9xTABLE sessions around the UK.

Not every business qualifies to take part in 9xTABLE though! There are just 2 very simple criteria to meet:-
1) Be a micro business owner –i.e. your business is just you or you have a maximum of 9 employees (#MicroBizMattersDay definition of a microbusiness  is 0-9 employees)
2) already be active on social media. And to get the most benefit: be active on a least 2 of the popular platforms e.g. Twitter and Facebook as they are the ones most commonly used by micro business.

As I haven't the functionality on this website to share the downloads for you to get the most benefit from 9xTABLE yourself so please Sign up here to receive :-
- a note listing 6 benefits for YOUR business if you take part in a 9xTABLE
- and information about taking part in or hosting a 9xTABLE in your area. As I like to help people get organised for business you will also receive
- the agenda and how to take part or run a 9xTABLE session
PLUS a FREE marketing content template for YOU to use for YOUR business at any time - not just on 9th Jan 2015

So you could simply get some of your current micro business buddies or network contacts around a table on 9th Jan 2015 to hold your own 9xTable proactive marketing session. What could be easier?

Note: If there is a micro business host and 9 micro businesses sat around a 9xTABLE each attendee will have received 81 minutes of social media marketing from the people in the room and given the same.

Just imagine the potential reach your business will have had by simply working with other people. And, what a great start to your marketing plans for 2015!

As Tony and his team are already promoting #MicroBizMattersDay on social media and in the press so that may provide additional opportunities for you to get your business mentioned in your local press if you host a 9xTABLE in your area.
Hosting a 9xTABLE is easy as I have already prepared the agenda and "how to" document and the marketing content templates for participants to use. You just need good free Wi-fi access and your desktop, laptops etc. etc. and your social media marketing material.  Please come and follow me on twitter at @mylifepack and on My Life Pack Facebook to see further news about 9xTABLE events in the UK ... and maybe beyond. Interest already received from various UK locations and Ireland. NB MOST sessions will be free to take part in and others might have a £10 fee for venue and refreshments.  YOU decide what is right for your 9xTABLE so I hope you pick up this ball and run with it for your own micro business or for your micro business contacts.  Let me know if you do :0) Thank you for reading this, Louise.

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