Do you manage your digital footprint?

It’s a growing issue but how do you manage your digital footprint? Do you use different passwords for different sites? Have you made any arrangements re your digital legacy? How would your family feel if they weren’t able to stop emails being received from websites or remove or keep data/pictures about you on the internet?

Section 8 of My Life Pack personal organiser helps you mange your digital footprint. It provides a handy aide memoire for all the sites that you use and you can record hints to your passwords.
Making it easy to refresh your memory  at the flick of a page.
Allowing you to stop just using one or two passwords for all the sites you access!
We also provide a process for your family or advisors to manage and administer your digital footprint when it becomes necessary.
Here is a link to an interesting article that appeared in the Telegraph recently on managing your digital legacy. How do you manage your digital footprint? We’d love to read your comments on this important topic.

Password security. & sample page from My Life Pack


  1. I have an “alter ego” that I use to base my passwords around and provide info for the security questions that some sites require. There is no connection in it to my family, pets, working life etc so would make it impossible to use those aspects to hack my passwords. I have a My Life Pack personal organiser so use the aide memoire feature in the Pack in my daily life and have used the store process suggested in the manual for when my family/solicitor will need to access it.

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