7 time savers for your back to school routine

Parents with their 2 children

The summer holidays are flying by and the kids will soon be back at school! So here are seven ideas to save time on your school day routines.

  • Sew names onto their uniform? Don’t waste time stitching your child’s name tag all the way around – double the ends together in a loop and secure them with three long stitches.
  • Fixing their hair: We all know how fussing children are when it comes to their hair, but there is no need to hunt around for a bobble; wrap them around the base of the hairbrush for easy access and avoid that last minute scrabble around looking for them.
  • Polishing their school shoes: Don’t waste money and time hunting for the exact colour that matches their shoes, instead try using vegetable oil to get rid of the scuffs. As the children get older they can help by polishing their own shoes weekly.
  • Packing their lunches: Don’t spend your evenings making their sandwiches. Make the week’s sandwiches on a weekend and freeze in bulk. They will be completely defrosted come lunch time.
  • Blitz nits: We could all face the dreaded day your child will come home with nits and the time they take up dealing with them. Your local chemist has solutions for you. However, if this is too much, visit The Hair Force in various locations around the UK. With their “Lice Assassins,” you child will be nit free in two easy sessions over a fourteen day period.
  • Dressing: For an easy morning, buy your child clothes with elasticated waistbands. These are easy to slip over their heads without struggle.
    In winter, buy boots as they are easy to slip on and off.
    And when the kids get home from school get into a routine where they put their clothes away in one place rather than casting them off in different locations around the house.
  • Putting their coats on: Always in a rush to get out of the door? Ponchos and cagoules are quick and easy to slip over their heads without dealing with zips and arms.

How do you save time on the school run?  Let us know your favourite tips in the comments section below.


  1. Another great way to blitz the nits and keep them away for good. I have used this on my children and grandchildren.
    Start on a Friday evening by washing their hair, condition, comb through with a nit comb. Leave conditioner in overnight placing a shower cap or swim cap on head.
    Next morning dampen hair a little more and comb through again, rinse out conditioner and dry hair. Repeat this process the second night (Saturday) and again Sunday if you have enough time on Monday morning to comb, rinse and dry. All nits and eggs will be gone.
    You then religiously do this routine just one night a week on a day that suits. This will keep your child nit free and uses no harmful chemicals.

  2. My children are allowed to stay up later during the holiday. The week before they go back to school I slowly start move their bedtimes back to the usual times so that they can adjust to the term time routine again.

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