7 more motoring money savers

Car tyre pressure being measured by gauge

Here at My Life Pack® we’ve put together some ideas to save money on your motoring and mileage. Start saving today with these simple, quick and easy tips

  1. Check your tyres regularly to ensure they’re not worn or under inflated – this will ensure maximum fuel efficiency.
  2. Declutter your car. You’d be surprised at how much unnecessary stuff people carry about in the boot! The lighter the car, the less effort, and therefore less fuel it will need to accelerate.
  3. Wind it up. The aerodynamics of your car can play an important part in saving fuel. Winding up the windows and removing roof racks will help reduce drag and boost fuel efficiency.
  4. Turn off the air con as often as you can and only use it in extreme circumstances.
  5. Don’t overfill your car with fuel, filling the tank to the top can add weight and will cause you to burn more fuel.
  6. Accelerate gradually and don’t over rev, putting more pressure on the pedal means more fuel flows, always try and stay under 3000 revs.
  7. Use Section 6 of My Life Pack to manage your vehicles. This motoring section lets you record, track and manage your vehicle information, keeping all your insurance, ownership and maintenance information together in one organised place. It’s the most flexible way to store your transport info, which can help you stay on track, plan ahead and save money. A memory aid so you never forget when your MOT or insurance is due for renewal. Handier than ever now that paper tax discs are no longer be issued.

Quote from Laura & Andy (Users of My Life Pack) “At last! No more last minute panic wondering when the car needs a service or an MOT, or trying to recall the details of any incidents when renewing insurance.”

My Life Pack personal organiser is just the thing to help you manage your paperwork and admin and manage your life so we hope you like reading our hints and tips on this blog. If you would like us to write about a specific topic related to saving time, money or stress or on getting organised for life please let us know.