7 home admin time saving tips

Clock, time is ticking

Are you a busy bee?  Juggle lots of tasks and information? Remembering all of life’s to-dos and dates can often be a tricky task. Missed appointments, pesky passwords, overdue bills, lost keys and late dates can leave us all in a forgetful fluster but help is at hand! We’ve put together a host of handy tips to help you beat the brain strain and become a memory marvel.

Here’s how:

1. Make A Note

This tip may seem obvious, but scribbling things down is a proven way to lock down thoughts and jog your long-term memory. Always keep pens, notepads and post-its close by at home, in your bag, in the car and at the office to note, jot and doodle down reminders and ideas. But, if you’re all out of paper, sending yourself a quick text or an email can work too.

2. Set Up an Organisation Station

Keep everything you’re likely to forget in one convenient place by the door. We’re talking keys, purses, wallets, glasses, phones, outgoing mail and to-do lists. Keep keys in a dish or on a handy hook and always put them back as soon as you walk through the door. We’ve got our eye on this silver pineapple from Debenhams for quirky key keeping.

3. Record and Protect Your Passwords

Having trouble memorising all those pesky passwords? My Life Pack® personal organiser offers a secure solution with convenient paper protection that helps you take care of your online presence, even when you’re no longer active on the Internet. The Technology Section provides easy fill-in segments for all your online accounts where you can jot down your login hints. You can then keep your actual passwords in the 2 included envelopes so can designate either a safe place, or a trusted person, who can keep your account information confidentially and in a secure place.

4. Set an Alarm

When pencilling in an important date on the calendar, always set an alarm 7 days prior to the actual event. You can do this using your phone or through Google Calendar and Outlook Mail alerts. This will give you time to perhaps make arrangements, buy a gift, dry clean an outfit or put money aside in advance.

5. Stash a Spare

To avoid an unfortunate lock out scenario, always keep an extra set of keys. Put a spare car key in your purse, by doing so you’re less likely to lock both your keys and purse in the car. Also leave a spare house key with a neighbour or use a KeySafe, as hiding it under the doormat or a plant pot simply won’t suffice.

6. Conduct a Speedy Search

If you want to search for a particular word or phrase online, simply hold down the CTRL button and click the F key, then enter the word or phrase you’re looking for and whatever your searching for will be highlighted for you! According to Google, 90% of computer users don’t know the CTRL F command. Welcome to the time saving 10% who do!

7. Stay on Track with My Life Pack Personal Organiser

Remember how we said writing things down can help you to remember? My Life Pack personal organiser is a practical comb-bound journal that divides your life into clear sections with questions covering finances, children, vehicles,pets, employment, funerals and much more! With an easy-to-fill-in grid format and extra note pages, it’s the most flexible way to keep track of ALL your essential information, saving you time, money and stress. My Life Pack personal organiser is just the thing to help you manage your paperwork and admin and manage your life. So we hope you like reading our hints and tips on this blog.


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