5 motoring money savers

Car steering wheel

Here at My Life Pack® personal organiser we love to help people save time and money. We’ve put together a list of 5 things you can do to save yourself money on your motoring and mileage. Start saving today with these simple, quick and easy tips:

  1. Even though fuel prices have come down in recent months it’s still worth shopping around for the best fuel price. Recent research revealed fuel costs can often fluctuate to as much as 5p per litre in any given area. To find your best budget station, sign up to Petrol Prices website which is also quoted by Martin Lewis on The MoneySavingExpert 
  2. Don’t overfill your car with fuel, filling the tank to the top can add weight and will cause you to burn more fuel. So perhaps half fill your tank but of course you’ll have to refuel more often.
  3. Remember to use any fuel vouchers you get with your weekly shopping before they expire. Some stores give away up to 20p per litre if you are a loyal customer.
  4. Gear up and drive in the highest gear possible without labouring your engine. This is the most fuel-efficient way to drive. Driving in a lower gear revs the engine, which can increase fuel consumption by up to 25%
  5. Use Section 6 My Life Pack. This money-saving segment lets you record, track and manage your vehicle information, keeping all your insurance, ownership and maintenance documents together in one organised place. It’s the most flexible way to store your transportation information, which can help you stay on track, plan ahead and save money.
    Feedback from Laura & Andy (Users of My Life Pack“Great! No more last minute panic wondering when the car needs a service or an MOT, or trying to recall the details of any incidents when renewing insurance.”

Happy Motoring!