5 more time saving tips for you at home

3 types of clock. Time is money

Hello again, We wrote¬†“5 top tips to save time at home”¬†earlier in the year and thought you’d enjoy some more ideas of how to save time managing your household , whether you live by yourself or have a family to look after too.

6. Laundry loads: Wash a load a day to prevent a build-up on the weekends.

7. Online banking: Make life easier by setting up a standing order to pay your bills. Set up within 5 minutes, you will never have to queue in the post office to pay a bill again.

8. Casual browsing: Set a limit to how long you can browse on your computer, or play on the games console. You’d be surprised how much time you can then spend mindfully. So you can then¬†find¬†time for the gym, or for a particular hobby or to read that book¬†that you got for Christmas¬†…..

9. Running errands: Make a list of errands which need to be run and make a concentrated effort to accomplish them in one day. Having a target of one day to complete the list frees up masses of time from other days you would have otherwise spread them over.

10. Personal time: Always allow for some downtime in your weekly routine. We work to live, not live to work and everyone needs the chance to recharge their batteries. So perhaps a good read at the book club, or out for a glass of wine or a meal, a relaxing bath or pamper session, date night with your partner or a night in with your friends or a walk or playing a game with the kids. Whatever you find helps you relax and smile.

What are your favourite tips on how to save time at home or how to get organised for life ? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook or even better; add your comment below now.




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