10 tips for petcare this summer

Group of Domestic Pets Sitting Together

If; like us; you are looking forward to summer here are 10 handy tips to help care for your pet this season:-

  1. Don’t let your pet get sunburnt. Apply sunscreen that is safe for babies to your dog’s underbelly to save sunburn or to pink or white noses.
  2. Make sure your pet has access to a shaded area with an on-going supply of fresh water: Install a flap to your back door to allow your pet to come in, and out, as much as it likes for shade and water. Or if you have a rabbit make sure part of the run has some protection from the sun.
  3. Keep on top of fleas, ticks and mites: Place flea collars on your pet to keep the fleas at bay.
  4. Check every day for fly strike: Common amongst rabbits, the green bottle fly nests itself into its fur. Check your rabbit twice daily to ensure it is clean all over. If
  5. Do not over-exercise your dog: Do not over exceed your dog. Take it on a regular walk and take water with you for it to drink.
  6. Never leave your dog in the car in summer. Cars can still reach deathly temperatures despite the windows being open. Leave your dog at home, or at a boarding kennels or take it out with you.
  7. Be wildlife friendly whilst tending to your garden: Keep toxic pesticides away from your animals when trying to keep the bugs at bay.
  8. Avoid leaving your pet in small, hot spaces: Cars, conservatories, caravans or outbuildings can all reach up to 47C quicker than imaginable. Keep them indoors or with you.
  9. Caring for your fish: Keep your tank out of direct sunlight to help keep the temperature right and to reduce algae forming. Also remember to top-up the water levels in your pond – this will also increase the oxygen content.
  10. Don’t leave your pet alone whilst on holiday – arrange for someone to care for them. Either take your pet to a trusted kennel or cattery or arrange for a professional pet sitter or family friend to take care of your pet. So you can ensure they are being looked after, fed and watered whilst you are away.
    If you are worried about leaving your pet in someone else’s care for the first time, My Life Pack® is here to help. Section 7 is dedicated to your pet with everything you, and other carers, need to know from your vet to their food preferences. You can go on holiday, knowing that your pet is in safe hands. My Life Pack personal organiser is just the thing to help you manage your paperwork and admin and manage your life so we hope you like reading our hints and tips on this blog.