A Top 20 Parent Blogger reviews My Life Pack®

My Life Pack® Father's Day present from the family

Here at My Life Pack®, we’re delighted to have received our first review from a top blogger! The lovely lady in question is writer, famer’s wife and mum of 6, Fiona Cambouropoulos. Fiona’s blogging brilliance reached new heights last year, when her family blog, Coombe Mill, made number 3 in the Top 20 Parent Blogs of 2013 on Tots 100. So without further ado, here are some of Fiona’s thoughts on My Life Pack: (You can choose to read the full review on Fiona’s blog)
“This is a book that you fill in to make your own reference centre with all the important things in your life. It is huge and leaves no stone uncovered.”
“Sit back in the knowledge that never again will you wonder what a password is, when those important birthdays are or who and where the details of your will are held should anything untoward happen.”
“This is the perfect way to feel you are really de-cluttering your life with an easy way to manage your finances, your home, your family and your work all in one comprehensive book.”
“A Perfect Present”
“My Life Pack would make a thoughtful and imaginative yet practical present for a special occasion. A wedding, anniversary, house move, baby shower for friends or family or a retirement present strike me as excellent opportunities.” “I decided to gift my copy to my Brother for Christmas and it really caught him by surprise. Mark is someone whose life could really use a touch of organisation. It wasn’t long before I had him sat down over a quiet cuppa with my children all crowded round to help fill in their birthdays and personal details for him. As I waved him off on his journey home complete with his copy of My Life Pack I had a feeling this book is going to become the bible to his life.”

Following her review, Fiona ran a competition on her blog with an opportunity to win a copy of My Life Pack. Her readers entered in their droves and left some great feedback about our organiser on Fiona’s website. Alongside her blog, Fiona also runs family farm holidays at Coombe Mill in North Cornwall. The beautiful, secluded hamlet of picturesque holiday cottages and lodges provide a magical outdoor experience for all the family that’s both fun and educational! If you’d like to learn more about Coombe Mill holidays and Fiona’s blog please click here.