Eliminate your paperwork piles: Tip 1

Person climbing stack of paper

Are you suffering with problematic paper piles and unsure what to do next?
Are your desktops, counters and surfaces laden with chaotic clutter; in the shape of bills, permission slips, invites, magazines, lists and newspapers? In an attempt to ensure we don’t forget about important pieces of paper, we often place them on a horizontal surface – either in a pile or spread around. In a bid to bust those paper piles, we’d like to share three of our best and proven tips & tricks to help you stay organised and manage your paperwork

Tip 1 Ask yourself: What’s Next?

Rather than thinking of your papers in terms of subjects and topics, or as a to-do list, think of them in terms of action. You may have a multitude of various things that need to happen with particular pieces of paper, but by only thinking of the ‘next action’, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and process your paper in quick time.

When your paperwork arrives take a couple of minutes to review it and decide what needs to be done with it. Once you’ve worked out what the ‘next action’ is, either write it directly on the paper, or attach a Post It note to the page with the next action you need to take. If you know the information, also write down how and when you will best perform that action. By doing so, you can save yourself time later on when you pick up the paper again because you’ll know exactly what action to take.
For junk mail then before putting it in the recycle bin see whether there is anything to do to stop receiving it in future and add this to your actions list – otherwise it’s straight in the bin!

Stay tuned for more paperwork management tips (read Tip 2 here)

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