Born Organiser of the Month

Dee La-Phia Dean Jan 2015 Born Organiser

Congratulations to Dee La Phin Dean from Leeds for being chosen as My Life Pack first #BornOrganiser. We hope you like the #DucksinaRow Certificate that we have sent you Dee. Dee had seen our posts on social media looking for born organisers and read our blog post for more information. She got our attention with the following tweet: “@MyLifePack I’m a passionate #BornOrganiser I love it! I have an idea; schedule; system or plan for everything to bring focus to my life.” Having picked this tweet out as our favourite entry for January 2015 we contacted Dee and asked her for more insights into what makes her a born organiser.

Dee shares: “As part of the way I organise I also like to have routine where possible for the day to day tasks so that the day runs smoothly and that enables me to concentrate more on what needs to be done in between. I like to get up early and sit and have time with my diary and planner and bring some order and focus to the start of the day so I have a clear idea of what I can achieve that day as I aim to be as productive as I can be in the day. There is always so much to do and so many projects I want to get on with so I find the key is balance so I make time each week to give attention to everything. There are sometimes where one thing demands all your time and attention and I then go into Plan B mode where I just ensure essential things are attended to but I find that finding a good balance works for me for the most part. I allocate set tasks for set days so that they fit in best with my set schedule. I also do this for the month too for bigger tasks or tasks that can be left longer than a week. For example Spring Cleaning: I do monthly decluttering, clean windows, baseboards etc. and then also have a focus for each day. This ranges from things such as a home task day to planning for events & projects.

I always have set goals for the year so like to dedicate some time to working on these weekly and then making progress with them. I also like to time block my day to make myself the most productive I can be. Sometimes I have sat down and structured my routines and sometimes they just evolve over time to fit in with the way I like to get things done. Time blocking isn’t just about chores and tasks it’s also making sure I include an allowance for leisure and resting time. I think it is important to wind down after a busy day and sometimes this also helps you take time out to think more clearly

If I was to tackle a physical space in terms of organising it; I would also break that down into manageable sections which I like to call zoning. I would start with decluttering then cleaning and then organising if this creates tasks I add them into my routine. As part of the way I organise I like to make To Do lists. Rather than a master list I find that having them categorised individually works better for me. I can then work them into my schedule. I also find this is a good way to make sense of my thoughts and plans and prefer to have them noted down. I like my gadgets but still love using paper planners. I am delighted to be My Life Pack’s Born Organiser for January 2015 and I look forward to seeing who else gets picked over the coming months.” Dee La-Phin Dean. Leeds
UPDATE 9 March : February 2015 Born Organiser of the Month is Ian Pinnell from Oxford


  1. I’ve seen some of the photos for #BornOrganiser on your social media feed. Perhaps I should tweet one myself.

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