5 top tips to save time at home

3 types of clock. Time is money

There never seems to be enough time in the day. Many of us feel we’re operating on a 25/8 schedule, never mind a 24/7 one! Juggling work with home with added bits in between. So, how can you win back some time into your daily life at home? We have 5 suggestions to start you off:

1. Smart meals: Plan your weekly meals before your grocery shop so you’re not spending time deciding what to have when you get in from work or from dealing with family life. This means that you can also prep as much food as possible on the weekends to save time during the week and money on last minute takeaways.

2. Shop online: Save yourself an hour or so pushing a trolley around the supermarket by shopping online. This cuts down on both time and money from preventing you to impulse buy. You can also get your shopping delivered at a convenient time for you – hello free weekends!

3. Divide up the chores: A problem shared is a problem halved so why not half the chores? By dividing up tasks between you and your housemate/other half, you can both have some extra free time knowing that all bases are covered. Check out our blogs on sharing out family chores.

4. One at a time: Streamlining your cleaning routine by sticking to one room at a time. If you have children it may also be useful to give them chores to keep their own rooms tidy followed by a reward system.

5. Time to talk: Put aside so much time for all your personal calls to be done. It is way too easy to get talking for hours to end up getting behind your to-do list. Keep the conversations to the limited time and you’ll win back time to spend on your To Do list or; even better; things you enjoy doing..

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  1. Hi I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts. re Tip 7 If I have to make several calls about appointments and tasks etc I make the calls when I’m standing up and walking about. For some reason I seem to get through these calls more quickly than if I’m sat down when I make them.

  2. Careful decluttering your daughter’s bedroom!! The most obscure of things can be precious. You know “one man’s pile of junk is another mans treasure and all that!

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