A night on the tiles !! National Pet Month

Dave the cat after a night on the tiles

Well Naomi says she went away for the weekend and left her lovely cat, Dave with his usual pet sitter. It looks like Dave enjoyed a busy night out on the tiles !!
I think the pet sitter has been making use of photo shop. Dave is reportedly a cat that likes to hang out at home with his owners. Naomi says he particularly likes to lie in from of the fridge freezer on the heated tiles – just in case there is a tidbit going spare. Here is a photo of Dave the cat doing what he does best – snoozing and purring.
Dave the Cat having a snooze

Thank you for sharing Naomi. If anyone else would like to share their pet photos in National Pet Month check out our blog. We look forward to seeing the special characters in your life and hearing what they get up to. Section 7 of My Life Pack® is about managing pets.