Why do you need My Life Pack?
image Are you disorganised?

Are you looking for a way to organise your life so you’re always one step ahead? Or busy trying to juggle all aspects of your life; personal, household, family members and work? Perhaps you always seems to be… Read More

image Are you short of time?

Frustrated you can’t access your life management information quickly? Is it spread or shared over various gadgets, paperwork and also in the cloud? Or maybe you are not as organised as you’d like to be?  Did you know that many people… Read More

image Are you stressed? Can't find information quickly?

My Life Pack® is a stress-busting personal organiser manual. A time-saver you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! No more rummaging through endless document files No more scrolling through information you have stored across various gadgets and computers… Read More

image Do you need peace of mind?

Using My Life Pack® for yourself or a loved one can bring peace of mind to you and to your relatives, essential when the UK population is ageing and families don’t always live close to each… Read More

About My Life Pack

If you are looking for a way to get your paperwork and life admin organised and under control then a My Life Pack® personal organiser has everything you need to get your life at your fingertips. Set out over 10 easy to fill-in sections so that you can easily manage your finances and manage your life. Including children, dependents or aging parents, pets, vehicles, digital footprint and your home as you end up with all your personal and life management information at your fingertips. Benefits of using our personal organiser include peace of mind, saving time, saving stress, saving money plus shared responsibility for managing tasks and finances where appropriate.

My Life Pack on coffee table and shots of smaple pages, front cover and users

Also useful for decluttering as you are guided though the 10 sections to record all your information into a one stop reference manual so you organise your life so that it is at your fingertips. With extra note pages My Life Pack becomes your unique personal organiser to suit your lifestyle and it’s not just for a year … it’s for your life.
My Life Pack personal organiser is also a useful life management tool if you need to help someone else manage their affairs. This might be an ageing parent or other family member or you might be a social worker, charity, health organisation or other care giver or 3rd sector agency helping various clients live independently at home.
My Life Pack is often purchased as a thoughtful gift for all occasions including wedding presents, house warming gift, baby shower or for birthday or Christmas presents, Father’s or Mother’s Day and as a present for older relatives.

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You can see why we loved this quote from Eric, Business owner and family man :  “ My Life Pack is like a sat nav for my life.”

Beryl: “I bought My Life Pack because I wanted to get all my information together so it’s easier for my family to sort things out for me as I get older. In the meantime I know I’ve got everything in one place – so helpful especially as my memory isn’t what it used to be.”

Diane: “It saves me such a lot of time managing our daily lifes – juggling work, home and the children’s activities. That’s why I’ve now bought some copies as gifts for friends.”

Carl: “We bought one to get all our important info together but also for the dependents section. We don’t live near our parents but having key data on their daily lives to hand means we can do more to help organise things for them from our own home. I can see that it would still be…

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Angela: “My Life Pack is fantastic and has been so helpful for me organising my house move and sorting out my finances. It would be a great gift for anyone setting up their first home too.”

Sue: “I know our lives are going to change when the baby comes. We’ll have less spare time and more responsibilities. I bought My Life Pack as I could see how much time it will save me and it is so convenient having everything in one place. Some of the questions have also helped us…

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Nigel: “I love my gadgets but I had information kept on so many of them  plus some of it was paperwork and some in the cloud. My Life Pack personal organiser is a great product and I now certainly do have my life at my fingertips!”

Cathy and Paul: “We bought a copy for my parents as Dad has been seriously ill. Mum doesn’t use the computer and he’s always managed their finances so getting everything down in an orderly, easily accessible fashion has helped Mum and Dad immediately managing their daily admin. It also helped us introduce a difficult but very important topic that…

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Jen: “I’ve bought one as a xmas present and another as a baby shower gift for a friend – so much more useful and helpful than a pretty outfit that the baby probably would only wear once or twice before they grew out of it.”

Andy: “I bought one to get myself more organised and well worth it too. I’ve found the finances section useful when I filled in my tax return as I could use one of the checklist columns to make sure I’d included all my accounts. It’s a good way of managing my money and reviewing my…

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